In these situations teamwork becomes a huge aspect of the game. Everyone must do their part to help the over all group obtain victory.

You may think this is easy looking from the outside but things are different when you actually get locked in a room and have sixty minutes to get out. Things are not always as simple as they may seem. Some clues may lead to other clues and some may not even be real clues. 



   ​       Participants may come to a stopping point where they absolutely have no idea what to do and they are completely out of hints. There may be moments when you are trying to figure out a tough riddle or other puzzles have you stumped. That's when true critical thinking is put to the test​.

Who's willing to step up and make the big decisions? Do you go left or do you go right? Should you ask for a clue or do you keep working at it on your own? Escape rooms help you figure out who possesses real leadership skills and abilities. Being able to make hard decisions and tough choices are all part of the game. You have to know when to

step in and help others or when you need to stay on

your own path and trust your fellow members to do

their part. True leadership is not showing or telling

someone how great your are, but inspiring them to

be the best they can be.




When participants are locked in a room and have a certain amount of time to get out, everyone must be on the same page and work together. While one group works on figuring out a riddle another set could be working on solving other puzzles that may be in other areas. Some puzzles have multiple parts, so while you may know or see one area of the problem, you still need help to figure out the rest.