Howdy Pardner’
If yer lookin’ fer a little bit of wild west danger I reckon you have come to the right place. Rumors has it that our pal, James “Gunslinger” Jones, hid a great heap of loot before he met the big ole man in the sky. That fool dun died on us and didn’t tell us where he hid it. All that stealin’ and robbin’ for what? I’ll be dang if we walk away empty handed. Problem is our man, James “Gunslinger” Jones, didn’t trust a soul. Nevermind the details…sons grab your gun and hat we’ve got a map to find. Preacher will be back in an hour with the Jones’ to pay their respect. Let’s pay our respect by finding this here map, getting out of here, and getting the loot. Come on now! Start lookin’!

WARNING: This room is a jail themed room and handcuffs are involved, meaning at some point of the game your hands or more may be restrained for a short amount of time.

The Serial Killer

​Seeing as the cops were no help in finding your missing friend. You and your friends have decided to figure out what's going on. Only thing now is you need to hurry so that you don't become a victim yourself.

Difficulty Level: 8/10

Difficulty Level: 10/10

Difficulty Level: 7/10

WARNING: This room is a darker themed room and may not be suitable for minors because of the subject matter.


Nobody wants that nasty mush they call food in the joint. Nor do we plan to stick around for wash day. If HE can breakout then so can we.......