Iron City



Welcome to Statesboro's

First Ever Escape Room

Where logic teams up with fun to make a party called adventure. Escape Rooms are new interactive games where you are placed in a room for 60 minutes. Within that hour, you must team up with family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers to solve puzzles, piece together riddles, and unlock secret combinations to gain your freedom from the room.  

Join James "Gunslinger" Jones' gang and find his missing loot. That dang fool went died on us! Pay yer respect by getting out of the church in a hurry and find that missing loot. Hurry along now!

Nobody wants that nasty mush they call food in the joint. Nor do we plan to stick around for wash day. If HE can breakout then so can we.......


Serial Killer

Seeing as the cops were no help in finding your missing friend. You and your friends have decided to figure out what's going on. Only thing now is you need to hurry so that you don't become a victim yourself.